PYRAMIDO performing live in May!!


Hey people!
We are doing a few shows in Sweden, Germany and Denmark in May. So come hear the new songs live and buy the brand new merch and records that we will bring with us.
And if you don´t like records “Vatten” will be on your favourite streaming or download 29 April!

Some news about “Vatten”

Oh, hello there!
We are happy to annonuce that our fourth album “Vatten” will be released 29 april 2016!!
And will be released by:
Farwell records (Germany) LP
Halo of flies records (USA)
Absolute Contempt (USA) CD
BTNKcllctv records (Malaysia) Tape
Boneyard records (Sweden) Tape
And you will be able to download and stream ”Vatten” from all known platforms.
Listen to a couple of the new tracks on our bandcampsite


New Pyramido album!

Hey! It was a long time since we updated this site. But we have great news. Our fourth fullength album “Vatten”  will be released in  april/may 2016 on vinyl by the fine people at Farewell records and Halo of flies records. CD version and tape versions will also be available. MORE INFO SOON.


new stuffz in the distro!

We got two new t-shirt designs and a new print of the Saga tape. And some other stuff of course. If you caught us live last week on of any of the shows on the european tour we did with Diagnosis? Bastard!⋅ this is old news… Check out our webshop:








Guns n’… I mean Shows n’ Merch.

En kort uppdatring om vanliga saker. Sjätte december bjuder vi upp till dans i den mäktige by Kristianstad! Tillsammans med rockorkestern Uhna garanterar vi en väldigt vanlig kväll.


Det har också blivit bestämt att vi ska spela pop på Blitz i Oslo. Detta kommer att gå av stapeln den 20/12. Mer info om detta senare.

Mr Webshop is updated with new items, make sure to check ‘em out!


I really hate to update this fkkr so I´m gonna quit now.

The fall season

Long time since the last update, but not much has happend so that´s ok I guess. But now have a some small news for ya´ll.

First of all, here are the shows that are booked for the next couple of months:
27th september – Malmö – Deep
11th october – Göteborg – Hisingen w/ Yuri Gagarin
30th october – Hannover – Stumpf
31st october – Wuppertal – AZ Wuppertal
1st november – Darmstadt – Halloween of Doom
19th december – Gothenburg – Sticky Finger (Scorched Tundra festivall) w/Bongripper, Yuri Gagarin

>10370798_766657330060392_7569466132367260103_n sllickyfinger

We also have some “new” releases in the pipeline. Saga is being repressed, and will soon be available from us and punkdistro.

There will be a limited run on blue vinyl with silcscreened cover, we´ll let you know when it´s available.


We are also happy to tell you that the amazing label Halo of Flies will be in on this repress and 100 copies will be available in the US from this label. Pre-order your copy here!

If everything goes well we will also see our first album SAND on vinyl for the first time ever in the beginning of 2015. It will be done by the grrrrrr8 label Throne Records. This is what UG (yes, his name is UG) has to say about it:
PYRAMIDO SAND 2×12″ VINYL Gatefold Album will be released by Throne early 2015!
“Sand” is Pyramido’s 2009 debut album. Never had a vinyl treatment before, so it was about time! We’re pressing this beast on two 12″ vinyls playing at 45rpm, for maximum performance and volume!
More details will folow…

Hmmm, what else? Not much is guess. We´re looking forward to the upcoming shows, we´ll see some of you at them. Until then, keep calm and read Rebecka Solnit.


Tour and some random stuffz

Hey there, motherfunkers! So, we´re heading on tour again, and this time it will be nine amusing days with the sweethearts in SUMA. If you live in Germany, Austria, Belgium or the Netherlands you have the chance to see some average people play some decent music. The dates look like this:

21/3 – Berlin – Jägerklause w/SUMA
22/3 – Leipzig – Check with your local crew w/SUMA
23/3 – Feldkirch – Graf Hugo w/SUMA
24/3 – Wien – Arena w/SUMA
25/3 – Jena – Rosenkeller w/SUMA
26/3 – Bryssel – Magasin4 w/SUMA
27/3 – Liege – Insideout w/SUMA
28/3 – Leiden – Multiplex/SUB071 w/SUMA
29/3 – Hamburg – Rote Flora w/SUMA

We will of course bring shitloads of merch, so make sure to save some of the money you earn from the job you have gotten from your degree in Social Science.

In other news – we are at the moment out of copies of the SAGA LP. Don´t worry, we will get more, but until then you have to order from someone else. In Sweden you can get it from and the rest of the world should order from

Other news? Not many. We are working on new songs, so far we have made one which sounds like a mixture of, the best band in the world, Broder Daniel and any random gospel-tune. If we continue to work in this pace you can expect a new records to be done by the end of 2018.

Keep safe, and remember to visit your local library.

Everything you want, we got it.

All T-shirts are 100 SEK, 12 €, 15 USD
and printed on Gildan Heavy Cotton t-shirts


  “Saga animals”

Available in S, M, L and XL



 “Saga girl”
available in S, M, L and XL


“Brown pyramid”
available in S


  “Sea goat”
available in L and XL


available in S


Totebag – Animals60 SEK, 7 €, 10 USD


“SAGA” vinyl LP Price: 120 SEK, 14 €, 18 USD
“SAGA” CD Price: 80 SEK, 8 €, 10 USD
“SAGA” Cassette Price: 40 SEK, 5 €, 7 USD


  “SALT” vinyl LP.
Price: LP:120 SEK, 14 €, 18 USD


  Split Lp with Amarok
Price: LP:100 SEK, 12 €, 15 USD


split 7″ with Union of Sleep
Price: 50SEK, 6€, 8USD


Backpatch “B.O.T.P.E”, embroidered logo and screenpinted design.
Price: 50SEK, 6€, 8USD

Other patch
Price: 10 SEK, 1€, 2 USD


Turnédagbok medföljer “SAGA” Lpn, eller order över 200 sek (så länge lagret räcker).

Annars kostar fanzinet 20 sek.

A tour diary written in Swedish, worthless if you don´t know swedish…


Postage NOT included in shown prices. Mail : for more info.
(We accept PayPal). Swedish customers can pay via our Swedbank account.


Postage NOT included in shown prices. Mail for more info.

(We accept PayPal). Swedish customers can pay via our Swedbank account.

Show coming up!

On the 25th of April we will play a show in Lund at Hemgården with Skraeckoedlan & Silver Devil. It’s the last rehearsal for us before hitting the studio and recording the new album “Saga”, so we will play all new songs.

Todays playlist:’
Totalitär – Klass inte Ras 7″
Hot Lunch – s/t Lp
Tormented – Death Awaits Lp
Mountain – Climbing! Lp

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